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Permaculture gives us a design system. Which is a sustainable, human-controlled support system. Always trying to trap energy and gain life from it.

In the design process, we first achieved a natural landscape by keeping the topography stable. Afterwards, the structure was placed in the most suitable and logical area. Meanwhile, the current Permaculture Zone System became an inspiration for the design process. The user is assisted to settle logically by it.

Zone 0: Structure, Parking Area, Bazaar
Zone 1: Flower Garden, Compost Areas, Water Tank, Coop.
Zone 2: Agriculture Area, Green House, Warehouse
Zone 3-Fruit Trees
Zone 4-Trees

Agriculture: Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant, Cucumber, Lettuce, Watermelon, Melon, Figpeach, Beans, Corns, Legumes, Spiniach, Apple, Mulberry, and Patato

We located the other zones according to our private lives and ease of usage. For maintaining the life of a user, we designed a bazaar also offering organic products to the public. When we design the landscape, we care about circulation, which is trees on the right and flowers on the left side. This circulation ends with the sea view areas for the public; we also kept our privacy safe with the topographical sets. Also, we aimed to create a contrast between circulation shape and nature, which are absolutely different. One is pointed and sharp; the other is soft and native.

When we designed the structure, we kept the contrast that connected with nature. With wide and modern openings, we protect our respect for nature. Also,we designed a console structure for a panoramic view. Wood is mostly used as the main material for getting references from nature.

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